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Since opening in Australia in 2014, Escape Hunt has run over 10,000 successful events for large and small organisations including ANZ, Westpac, Google, KPMG and the Australian government. Now this awesome team building experience is in Auckland, NZ.

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Escape Hunt is a unique team building experience that is incredibly fun, universally engaging and highly beneficial for teamwork and problem solving. The most original team building Auckland has to offer.

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There is strong evidence that fun, game-based play enhances collaborative learning and creates opportunities for positive employee engagement. It also helps develop transferable skills and a positive team culture.

Escape Hunt combines problem solving, lateral thinking and teamwork with the excitement of competition in a highly engaging and fun-filled activity, sure to appeal to all ages and fitness levels.

As teams of up to 6 ‘locked’ inside a themed room, your mission is to solve the adventure in 60 adrenalin packed minutes by using teamwork, mental and observation skills to find clues, solve puzzles and crack codes to beat the clock and be the first team to escape.

So whether you’re looking for a social event or a results-driven team building experience, we can make your event a memorable one.

Escape Hunt is exciting, addictive, challenging, educational and above all, fun and sure to be a hit. The best team building Auckland has to offer!

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  • Adrenalin packed escape games to build teamwork, challenge thinking and have fun
    • Our games are designed to be challenging but solvable with good teamwork, observation, problem-solving and communication
    • Experienced game masters on hand to support teams in their escape
    • Suitable for all ages and fitness levels as no strenuous physical activity involved
    • Complimentary debrief exercises to capture learning after the event
  •  Fully customised experiences that meet your unique needs
    • 5 game rooms offering 3 different adventures (duplicate rooms let teams compete head-to-head)
    • Outdoor game option available
    •  Ability to accommodate up to 60 people
    • 1.5 to 3 hr packages with exclusive use of our premises
    • Gift / prize options available
    • Delicious catering packages
    • Projectors available for presentations in our spacious lounge


  • It’s the attention to detail and our unique features that makes Escape Hunt a memorable event
    • Atmospheric spacious themed lounge area
    • Team photo opportunities dressed in our signature detective outfits
    • Complimentary refreshments
    • Warm-up puzzles to entertain you prior to your game
  • Conveniently located in central Takapuna on Lake Road


For further information or queries on how we can assist in making your event a memorable one, please email us at [email protected] or use the contact form at the bottom of the page.



Escape Hunt was a unique experience and thoroughly enjoyed be everybody. The activity placed the team in a unique situation which encouraged (and required!) every member to contribute and work together in order to achieve the objective. This sets Escape Hunt apart from other team building activities we’ve tried in the past. Highly recommended!”
Macquarie Group Limited, Australia

The site was very easy to use and Robin was extremely helpful, they were also flexible as we didn’t have confirmed numbers until a few days before the event. The event itself was excellent; perfect for a corporate team building event – it was challenging, fun and we would definitely book again. Very convenient to the office being in the centre of the city.”
Commonwealth Bank of Australia

“Definitely encourages teamwork and clue solving. It was a very good experience. The staff were extremely helpful, and the setup was well designed. Our group (all first timers) had a lot of fun! The challenge was reasonable and it is an activity which everyone can enjoy! A good bonding session within the team and last but not least, really great heart-racing fun, and an excellent exercise for the brain too! We will definitely recommend it to other team/family/friends”
Shell Oil

“I organised a corporate event with Escape Hunt Sydney for ~30 people, and it was a fantastic experience. From organisational point of view it was excellent: the communication prior to event was very good, and during the game itself the staff was friendly and well-organised, plus we had the whole area reserved just for our group. The puzzles are interesting and challenging, but not overwhelming – it was really fun and I received very positive feedback from the whole group. Overall, I highly recommend it!”


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