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Which adventure at The Escape Hunt Experience?  We will have 5 rooms at Escape Hunt split into 3 different adventures.  Each has an exciting and different theme.

Can we play against each other in different adventures?  Our 5 game rooms are separate but are split into 3 themes 2×2 and 1×1 with the same mystery to solve to allow for two teams to compete against each other.  This way you can book as a group of up to 10 people, split into 2 groups and then compete against each other. So if you have an urge to compete, try it, it’s great fun as we start the countdown timer at exactly the same moment – up to 30 people!

Can you tell us more about the adventures?
Lost in the Forest is a Beginner or Intermediate room (you can choose your preferred level when you book). It is 1892 and your group is hiking the Milford Track. Unfortunately, you get lost and one of your party breaks a leg. You wander around for days aimlessly, you estimate that you can manage another hour before dehydration and exhaustion set in. You have 60 minutes to find water, food and shelter and to transmit a help message to survive!

The Great Trophy Heist is a Beginner or Intermediate room (you can choose your preferred level when you book).  It’s 1987 and you are journalists reporting on the famous World Cup final at Eden Park. You hear rumours that the rugby trophy has been stolen! You need to use your keen powers of observation and problem solving skills to search for clues and follow the thief’s trail. Can you save the day by finding the trophy and the thief before the whistle blows in 60 minutes. Note: no rugby knowledge required

Island Shipwreck is an Intermediate or Advanced room (you can choose your preferred level when you book). The year is 1866 and you are travelling at sea to prospect gold on board the General Grant. Disaster strikes and a huge storm with treacherous seas smashes your ship against the rocks on the deserted Auckland Islands, leaving you stranded in a large cave. Can you escape from the shipwreck and release a distress signal to a passing ship before it passes by the island!